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To keep pushing the boundaries of theatrical experience and take audiences on imaginative journeys into sensory, cinematic worlds, Punchdrunk needs your support. As a registered charity (no. 1113741), the contributions we receive enable us to continue to break new ground, including through our Enrichment programme, working with children, young people and the wider community (find out more here).

Become an annual Keyholder to unlock exclusive access to Punchdrunk experiences and news. There are four different Keys, as detailed below.

We welcome the chance to assist you with giving a Keyholder membership as a gift. To buy a gift membership please contact

For more information about ways in which you, your Trust or company, can support Punchdrunk’s work, please contact the Development team on +44 (0)20 3475 8273.   


The Valet Key unlocks limited access to Punchdrunk’s news and plans, with priority booking for Punchdrunk productions wherever possible, and communications via Keyholder newsletters.

To sign up, please select your Gift Aid option from the drop-down menu and click subscribe below:

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In addition to Valet Key benefits, Bow Keyholders are bestowed with a physical key that will unlock a secret Punchdrunk reward at some point during your year of membership... enabling you to travel beyond the veil of secrecy that surrounds the company’s work and offering a dialogue with the company regarding future activity.

To sign up, please select your Gift Aid option from the drop-down menu and click subscribe below:

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The Zeiss Key unlocks access to Bow Key benefits and also opens the secure lock to an exclusive private event during your year of membership. Zeiss Keyholders are invited to step further beyond the mystery and enjoy the opportunity to get to know the artists behind Punchdrunk creations.

To sign up, please select your Gift Aid option from the drop-down menu and click subscribe below:

Gift Aid options


This complex Key opens up both the Bow and Zeiss locks and also grants you access to an exclusive dinner with the artistic team. Abloy Keyholders receive a personalised service from the Punchdrunk team as you develop and nurture a close relationship with the company.

Please email or call +44 (0)20 3475 8273 to join or enquire about this level. 


For Punchdrunk bank details or to set up a standing order, please contact the Development Team at or on +44 (0)20 3475 8273.

You can also return the following form to us: Become A Punchdrunk Keyholder

Alternatively, you can submit a payment via cheque, payable to Punchdrunk, to the following address:

Cannon Factory
Ashley Road

N17 9LH

If you use this method, please remember to write your full name, postal address and email address on the back of your cheque or the envelope you post to us. Please also indicate whether you are Gift Aid eligible, or return the Gift Aid form to us via email or post.

Charities Aid Foundation (CAF)

CAF, which is itself a UK charity, exists to assist individual donors support causes that matter to them. CAF can be used to make a one off donation to Punchdrunk via Paypal / debit or credit card or by creating a CAF giving account.  An account allows for a donation to CAF to be distributed to many charities with efficiency. You can make a donation with complete anonymity with CAF. CAF also accepts donations from individuals living outside of the UK.

CAF Give As You Earn

CAF provides Payroll Giving services for the 2,700 British companies enrolled.  Employees can make pre-tax donation from their pension or salary directly to Punchdrunk. Ask your employer if your company is part of the scheme. 

Charities Aid Foundation, America (CAF America)

Donors in America can support Punchdrunk in a tax effective way by donating here through CAF America (which has 501(c)3 tax exempt status) and searching for Punchdrunk in their global charity database. American donors can become Keyholders, or provide unrestricted support by donating in this way. Please note that the minimum donation via CAF America is $500 and an admin fee of 8% is chargeable.


Your employer may match your keyholder subscription or one off donation via the Benevity cause portal.

We are a featured charity on the Benevity portal, and are currently seeking support to bring The Lost Lending Library to a new group of primary schools across the UK.  Please watch this film to find out more, and consider making a donation matching request if you work for a company that is enrolled with Benevity.  Eligible donations are matched £ for £ by your employer, meaning your contribution to Punchdrunk’s charitable work is doubled.

PayPal Giving Fund

PayPal Giving Fund enables individuals to make unrestricted donations to charities without being charged fees. This is great way to make a one off donation to support Punchdrunk’s work.  You can also make donations via the PayPal mobile app.

Ebay Sellers

Anyone selling via Ebay can set a % of the sale amount to be given to a charity, including Punchdrunk.  If you sell on Ebay, please consider setting Punchdrunk as your chosen charity partner.

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle sells games and gaming bundles.  If you are a keen gamer, have a look at their selection.  Purchases made via their online store at Humble Bundle can include a donation to Punchdrunk. Purchasers can also control the % donated on some bundles.


You can support Punchdrunk when shopping on Amazon.  Select Punchdrunk as your chosen Charity, and 0.5% of all eligible purchases will be passed on as a charitable donation.  Go to AmazonSmile to get started.



Boost your donation by 25p of Gift Aid for every £1 you donate, at no extra cost to you. If you are a UK tax payer and want Punchdrunk (registered charity no. 1113741) to benefit from Gift Aid, please select the payment option with Gift Aid when you donate online. If this is the first time you have donated to Punchdrunk, please select Add Gift Aid. If you have previously donated to Punchdrunk with Gift Aid, please select Continue Gift Aid. By choosing to Add or Continue Gift Aid, you authorise Punchdrunk to claim Gift Aid on your donations today, in the past 4 years, and in the future. Gift Aid is reclaimed by the charity from the tax you pay for the current tax year. Your home address is needed to identify you as a current UK taxpayer. 

Please notify Punchdrunk if you want to cancel this declaration, change your name or home address or no longer pay sufficient tax on your income and/or capital gains. If you pay Income Tax at the higher or additional rate and want to receive the additional tax relief due to you, you must include all your Gift Aid donations on your Self-Assessment tax return or ask HM Revenue and Customs to adjust your tax code.

To qualify for Gift Aid you must be a UK taxpayer and understand that if you pay less Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax than the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all your donations in that tax year it is your responsibility to pay any difference.


To buy a gift membership, please select your gift recipient's key above, which will take you to PayPal where you will need to enter your own contact details. Once payment for your chosen key is complete, please email including your name, the name of the gift recipient, their postal address and email address and the Punchdrunk Development team will be in touch to confirm receipt of your gift and next steps for being in touch with the gift recipient.


Keyholders currently have access to exclusive priority booking for Sleep No More, Shanghai. Please click here for more information. This arrangement is subject to availability and change in agreement with our co-producing partners. 

Punchdrunk is incredibly grateful for the generous support it receives from Keyholders,  individuals, companies, and charitable bodies.

Thank you to all of our Keyholders.


We are extremely grateful for the support of our Abloy Keyholders who wish to remain anonymous. 


Shareen Chua • Alexander Claremont • Victoria and Chris Davison • Ben Fenby • Sandra Flatt • Elizabeth and Reade Griffith • Paul Groombridge • Sarah Heenan • Nadia Higson • Craig Mawdsley • Karen Myers • Jordon Nardino • Peter Nicol • Ari Omar • Rohani Omar • Chris Schleicher • Matthew and Emily Slotover • Michael Sparkes • Simon Tesler • Chris Trevor • Melisa Tupou • Simon Tuttle


Jack Attridge • Vicky Back • Aaron Badaime • Michael Badelt • Paola Barbarino & James Kitchen • Stuart Barker • Colin Barlow • Magali & Julien Barraux • Nicola Berger • Darren Bourget • Lee Braybrooke • Dave Brittain • Tamara Brummer • Kay Buxton • James Cavanaugh • Kate Chandler • Samantha Chisnall • Charles Clarke • Blaine Cook • Anne Corlett • Garry Davenport & Michael Walker • Alistair Davie • Janet Davies • Paul Davies • Raymond Dunthorne •  Rebecca Eaves • Cameron Eeles • Carol Ellinas • Chloe Emmerson • Jane Ensell • Marja Flipse • Brandon Fox • Miles Franklin • Antony Freelove • David Gabbe • Jane Gill • James Goolnik • Somil Goyal • Paul Graham • Piero Grandinetti • Alke Groppel-Wegener •  Richard Hall • Christiane Hirt • Alison Hooper • Alexis Huang • Rebecca Hurn • Fiona Hutchinson • Damien Hyland • Tristan Jakob-Hoff • In memory of Antonia King • Laura Leslie • Sophie Mackenzie • Alex Mahon • Andrew Mansi • Tamsyn Manson • Rhiannon McClintock • Fiona McLaren • Andrew McManus • Colin McQueen & Tina Kotrotsis • Damian Mitchell • Marcus Moresby • Simon & Annabel Morley • Katherine Naylor • Evan Neidan • James O'Brien • Shad Ohayon • Barry Russell • Patricia Ryan • Eva Sanchez-Ampudia • Peter Scott • Hopi Sen • Eugene Sepulveda & Steven Tomlinson • Mike Servent • Peter Sheil • Graham Sleight • Peter Sykes • Helen Taylor • Stephanie Thompson • KT Tunstall • William Turtle & Vassilena Karadakova • Sanjay Vijayanathan • Dan Watkins • Wenyin • Gary & Jo Westfallen • Peter Williams • Veronika Wilson • Alexander Woolfson •  Su Yuen Ho • Lain Zhong

And with thanks to our Valet Keyholders and all those who wish to remain anonymous.


Punchdrunk is a National Portfolio Organisation funded by Arts Council England.

Punchdrunk Enrichment is supported by The Dr. Mortimer and Theresa Sackler Foundation.

Punchdrunk. A Company limited by guarantee. No. 4547069 • A Registered Charity No. 1113741.